Future of Education in Concept Design

Darek Zabrocki. Senior Concept artist for Films and Games

Почему надо изучать Концепт-арт НЕ в интернете. «С чего начать?» — самый часто задаваемый вопрос в сети.  А чтобы найти ответ, нужно перерыть тонны материалов странного качества. Лучший способ начать учиться концепт-арту — это живьем!

This is the topic Darek Zabrocki would like to cover during his presentations in Amsterdam and Kiev at the Maxon partners events held in September 2018. As a CEO of the first concept art school in Europe he would like to go through the process of teaching and preparing aspiring concept artists to work in this competitive field. As we are flooded with plenty of online courses these days it’s hard to pick up the right path of education. Or it seems to look hard. “Where should I start?” is one of the most frequently asked questions that Darek hears and having years of experience teaching people through online courses, he along with his friend Michal Kus decided to make a bold move introducing the brand new educational system in the centre of Europe. What is worth to mention it’s the first ​physical/onsite ​concept art school in Europe.

Physical aspect of learning became much more important and face to face experience is something that let you gather the knowledge much more efficiently than through an online course. Thanks to Focal Point you will have a chance to go through all important steps of learning curve to become a professional concept artist. Precisely prepared courses structure will guide you through both basic and fundamental things and advanced techniques and knowledge that are essential in nowadays concept art/design industry. During the talk Darek will show you the examples of works made by students before and after entering the Focal Point School. He will also introduce you to the structure and the goals that crew is aiming to for each term at the Focal Point School.



Darek Zabrocki. Senior Concept artist for Films and Games

Concept artist living in Gdansk, Poland. He is also the CEO at the first european concept art school called ​Focal Point​ ​School​. He has worked on variety of projects in both films and games industry including ones like: Maze Runner: Death Cure, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Mindhunter or Assassin’s Creed:Syndicate and Destiny 2 to name a few. He constantly provides concept art services for companies such as: 20th Century Fox, Framestore, Blur, Electronic Arts and more. He loves challenging tasks and never cease to learn new things. Creating stuff daily gives him an energy to keep on doing what he loves and is passionate about.


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